Do you have particular stroke that has become inconsistent? Are you experiencing pain from an injury such as tennis elbow or rotator cuff tendinitis? Inefficiencies in your technique are most likely the cause of these problems. Our expert slow-motion analysis can help identify and improve upon these inefficiencies.
Technical Analysis
Using "Coach's Eye," we critique the stroke(s) of your choice. Drawing tools help illustrate the player's technical flaws and the corresponding corrections for the following strokes:
  • Forehand Groundstroke
  • Backhand Groundstroke
  • One-Handed Slice Backhand
  • Forehand Volley
  • Backhand Volley
  • Overhead
  • Serve
Personalized Review/Corrective Measures
Following the narrated analysis, we will demonstrate the corrections and adjustments needed for improvement.
Each video is tailored to the individual's needs. The scientific facts of stroke development remain the same, but the player's age, level, and learning style will dictate how the information is presented.
Side-by-Side Comparison
As labeled, the player shown has made four key improvements in her preparation phase on the forehand groundstroke.
1. Racquet head is up versus down. This helps produce more racquet head speed and          allows for greater versatility.
2. Left arm is across her body versus pointing in towards the net. This helps her achieve sufficient shoulder turn and encourages her to swing with more extension away from her body.
3. Signficant increase in hip rotation. This will now allow her to create more power and topspin.
4. Weight is now properly loaded on the back foot. She can now inititate the kinetic chain and transfer her weight into the ball.

It's a confidence builder for players to see the dramatic improvements they've made over time, but also important to look ahead at what strides can be made for the future.

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You can choose to have individual strokes critiqued for $39/stroke or have all seven strokes done for $199.
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