With a combined 45 years of coaching experience, and a voracious appetite for self-improvement, Brandon and Allington have developed (and continue to improve) a successful process which they implement in the FM Tennis Junior Program. The Process follows six major tenets that combine elements from their professional experience and their dedicated research in the field of human development. Below is a simple step by step diagram that briefly outlines the FM Tennis Process.
The right ball, the right court, and the right racquet. FM Tennis Co-Founder, Allington Mutimer has extensive experience with the ​​​​ LTA's Mini-Tennis. Mini-Tennis was pioneered by his mentor Brian Blincoe after he saw it's success first hand in Sweden. Years later, the USTA followed suit by introducing the ROGY Pathway . This system makes the game more fun for our young juniors AND helps them learn the game faster. Our lengthy catalog of Mini-Tennis exercises promotes the development of agility, balance, and coordination. It's vital that a young player develops these skills during the appropriate window of opportunity. By combining the LTA and USTA approaches, our players are given the best chance to succeed.

We foster a passion for tennis. The journey begins with a passion for the game and a love of competition, or the "why." We emphasize the importance of character development, sportsmanship, and work ethic with our players. These traits will not only help their tennis, but will help them in all aspects of their life. Our priority as coaches is to help develop these characteristics in young student-athletes. Simon Sinek's "Start With Why  and his Golden Cirlce illustrates the importance of starting with why in all great endeavors.
The court is our classroom. Brandon was gifted Doug Lemov's book before running The Tennis Academy at Harvard in the summer of 2010.  He since has implemented the techniques illustrated by Lemov. It has proven to be an invaluable tool. Teach Like a Champion provides 49 specific techniques that help effectively teach, lead, and inspire groups of children. Is this the right approach for the sports world? Well, Doug Lemov was recently  hired by US Soccer to overhaul their youth development programs. 
We help develop growth mindsetsCarol Dweck's groundbreaking research shows us the power of our mindset. Success is not just about our abilities and talent, but whether we approach our goals with a fixed or growth mindset. A growth mindset creates a love of practice and a resilience to overcome adversity. We teach our players the growth mindset, which will help them achieve their goals, both on and off the court. 
We build solid fundamentals Steve Smith's Great Base is principled on Vic Braden's scientific research, but also combines the teachings of many other tennis teaching giants (Dennis Van der Meer, Welby Van Horn, to name a few). Steve's players have won U.S National titles as well as NCAA National titles. In addition, 10 of Steve's students have been honored as the USPTA Pro of the Year. We teach every player in our program Steve's Great Base.

We prepare athletes physically. Brandon's education and experience in the fitness industry has helped FM Tennis design a fitness program that helps their athletes prepare for high level athletics. We emphasize the importance of proper warm-up (dynamic stretching) and cool-down (static stretching). Players also work to develop  lateral agility and anaerobic conditioning, which is specific for the demands of our sport.